A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER (1st National Tour) sampling

“Monty gets some serious music, too, especially the wonderfully shadowy love song “Sibella,” which leaves no doubt about how haunted he is. The sure-voiced Kevin Massey is nifty as Monty, never losing our rooting interest as this sweet-faced young gent subtly knocks off his relatives. ”  The Washington Post – Nelson Pressley

“Kevin Massey holds the show together as our genial, borderline accidentally homicidal protagonist…Massey’s boyishly confused charm helps keep us rooting for Monty, as he eliminates — in a combination of inventive cunning and dumb luck — the D’Ysquiths who stand in his way to the coveted family earldom…Massey, Eller and Williams bring down the house in a magnificent, door-slamming farcical “I’ve Decided to Marry You” trio.”  San Francisco Gate – Robert Hurwitt (ranked as #2 Theatrical Experience in San Fran for 2015)

“At the heart of the show is Monty Navarro (played by the dashing and affable Kevin Massey)…a truly memorable number in the show is the one that Broadway fans have likely already seen online or at last year’s Tonys, the song “I’ve Decided to Marry You,” which is a dense and delightful three-way round between Monty, Pheobe, and Sibella that’s aided by a farcical set piece and Massey’s limber, ping-pong-ish choreography…There are many moments in which great singers, particularly Massey and Eller, are given chances to shine and show of their instruments.”  San Francisco SFist – Jay Barmann

“Massey, with his hugely expressive facial movements and his gift for physical comedy even when he’s merely lurching around the stage, is simply a treat.” (Ranked as #1 Theatrical Experience in Cleveland for 2015) Cleveland News-Harold – Mark Meszoros 


“Coming off even better is Kevin Massey as horse trainer Almanzo Wilder; the authors use him sparingly, and every time he comes on, interest picks up. Lindsay (Laura) and Massey make an attractive couple; their budding romance in the second act, enhanced by Zambello’s inventive staging of the carriage rides, suggest what ‘Little House’ could be.”   Variety – Steven Suskin

“Kevin Massey winningly portrays Almanzo Wilder, the young pioneer who woos and wins Laura with skill, charm and enthusiasm. Massey throws off sparks with his smooth, strong and accurate baritone, precise dance movements and naturalistic acting. His Almanzo convinces us that Massey has the stuff to be a western pioneer settler as well as a mainstay on the musical stage.”  Talkin’ Broadway – Bob Rendell

“Kevin Massey, wins the audience’s sympathy with his attractive tenor voice and senstive, romantic longings.”   TheaterMania – Matt Windman

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LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (1st National Tour) [Highlights]

“Kevin Massey, looking like a sodbusting Patrick Dempsey…By the time Lindsay and Massey are reconciled, they had me – and so did the entire show”   Twin Cities Daily Planet – Jay Gabler

“Massey is a future star and his Almanzo steals the show.”   Naples Daily News – Chris Silk

“Kevin Massey is give some of the best up-tempo numbers to sing (‘Old Enough’ is a good example) and he does so beautifully. His onstage chemistry with Lindsay is palpable.   BWW Nashville – Jeffrey Ellis

“Massey and Lindsay are the bright lights of the show with fine chemistry.”   Omaha World Herald – Bob Fischbach

“Massey, a superb singer and dancer, crackles in his portrayal of a romantic hero without any of the usual trappings, and Lindsay makes a lively match for him.”   St. Louis Today – Judity Newmark

“The standout in the cast is Kevin Massey as Almanzo. This young actor sings as well as he acts. He is comfortable onstage physically and dances well. He plays the role with complete sincerity.”   Post Crescent Appleton – Carrie T. Gruman-Trinkner

“Kevin Massey stands out as the love interest.”    Toronto National Post – Robert Cushman


“…but both [leads are] upstaged by the antics of Kevin Massey as slow-witted, but devoted cowboy Willard, and his attempts to bust some moves on the dance floor.”   BWW – Chris Gibson

“There are also delightful portrayals by Kevin Massey and Cathryn Basile as the gangly, goofy Willard and his wannabe girlfriend Rusty. Their two performances bring a much-needed dose of comedy…Massey and a trio of comrades are in fine form on their own humorous bit, ‘Mama Says.'”    Ladue News

The stereotypical characters could easily come across as cliche in lesser hands, but this strong cast is mighty talented. Cathryn Basile as live-wire Rusty and Kevin Massey as the chipper country bumpkin Willard Hewitt she loves practically stole the show.”    Belleville News Democrats –  Lynn Venhaus

THE THREE MUSKETEERS (Chicago Shakespeare Theater)

“[The Three Musketeers] features two terrific performances, from the established Broadway actor Kevin Massey (as D’Artagnan) and the breakout Chicago actress Abby Mueller (as Constance, his love interest).      -Chicago Tribune

“There is much to admire…To the demanding role of D’Artagnan, Massey (who understudied the title role in Broadway’s ‘Tarzan’) brings a fleet, boyish quality and an angelic face that makes him both comic and touching….D’Artagnan and Constance (his love interest) connect in the lushly romantic ‘Who Could Have Dreamed of You?'”      –Chicago Sun-Times

“D’Artagnan, played with warmth, charm and sung wonderfully by Kevin Massey, wins us with his bravado, innocence and pure romantic spirit….Kevin Massey and Abby Mueller produced romantic sparks with their duets ‘Doing Very Well Without You’ and the marvelous ‘Who Could Have Dreamed of You?'”    -Talk Theatre in Chicago, Tom Williams

“The cast that has been assembled is sterling! Kevin Massey sparkles as young D’Artagnan who sets out to become a Musketeer…: – Al Bresloff

“Chicago newcomer Kevin Massey makes a particularly sweet and innocent young D’Artagnan, with a pure tenor voice that sends gentle chills.”     Steadstyle Chicago – Joe Stead

THE MIKADO (Fargo-Moorhead Opera)

“The cast – led by guest star Kevin Massey, most recently Tarzan in the Broadway musical extravaganza – overacted unabashedly and sang the catchy score with gusto to a packed Festival Concert Hall. Massey gave comic intensity and earnestness to his Nanki-Poo, a man who truly taps into his sensitive side. His singing boasted a sensitivity that his character shared – and great control, which his character didn’t.”    The Forum – Mila Koumpilova

PIPPIN (Utah Shakespearean Festival)

“Pippin, played by Tony Award-winning actor Kevin Massey, finds himself on a journey to discover what makes his life ‘completely fulfilling.’ In this rock musical, Massey’s beautifully trained voice is matched by his enthusiasm for the role.”   -The Spectrum

“As Pippin, Kevin Massey displays an appealing earnestness and a strong singing voice. With his wide eyes and shaggy mop of hair, there’s a little of Elijah Wood’s Frodo in him. In the hands of lesser actors, Pippin’s restlessness and self-absorption might get annoying, but Massey’s idealism redeems the character.”    –Salt Lake Tribune

“Pippin (Kevin Massey) just soared over Stephen Schwartz’s rather challenging score and made it sound easy.”    -Cedar City Review


“Kevin Massey (Dickon in “The Secret Garden”) was magnetic in the role of bridegroom, Charlie Dalrymple. It was impossible to look away when this rising young star was on stage.”    -Salt Lake Tribune

“This show also features fine performances and fine singing. Johanna Wiseman as Fiona and Kevin Massey as Charlie Dalrymple were particularly notable.” -Deseret News

OPERA GALA: The Magic Flute, The Merry Widow, and Lucia di Lammermoor (Asheville Lyric Opera)

“The role of Arturo in ‘Lucia’ was well-suited to lyric tenor Kevin Massey, who sang with particular distinction as Camille in ‘Merry Widow’.”    -Asheville Citizen Times